Why I Want to Attend Orange Coast College

Education is a tool for social progression. Orange Coast College offers low-cost learning services in licensed trades and professional disciplines. It also provides remedial courses that are transferable to California State University. The equal learning environment and the diversity of the courses on offer attract my admiration. Therefore, I highly rate the Orange Coast College and seek enrollment opportunity.
The Orange Coast College instills a culture of multiplicity. The social set up and the large student population exposes individuals to an environment of mixed principles. Hence, I would love to join a student pool whereby I get the platform to interact and share ideas with different people. The opportunity shall enable me to develop interpersonal attributes, nurture my communication skills and develop my leadership skills. In addition, my personal goals entail living and working in a cross-cultural field. The student population, student-teacher relationship and the serene environment at the college compliments my dreams of becoming a strategic thinker. The strategic location of the institution at the North Gulf Island also corresponds with my personal love for nature and ecological studies. Thus, I would cherish an opportunity to join the school.