Why Do Atheists Care about Religion

Why Do Atheists Care About Religion? I must say that after careful consideration of the facts presented in by imrational in his video “Why Do Atheists Care About Religion?” on YouTube, I find that his points of discussion are quite valid and quite intelligent. What struck me the most about his argument was his reason that opposing religious beliefs cause unnecessary wars and strife. If we look at the cases of terrorism around the world, the acts of destruction are all done in the name of their own religious Gods. These groups use religion to terrify people into believing in their own God. Religion is nothing more that an tool of international and wide scale bullying in that respect. Religion has been used as a tool to control the population and force them into submission since the time of the pharaohs and it has got to stop at some point.
Misunderstandings and conflict can be avoided if religion is not made an integral part of a social life. It has no place in a modern society because modern people are highly analytical and thinking beings who cannot be made to follow a belief just because they are told to. Without religion in the world and instead only a belief in the honest and trust that can be given to a fellow human being, the world will truly become a more peaceful and better place.
Indeed the argument posted by the video deserves a closer look because presents the reasons why religion is nothing but a harbinger of doom in modern times. Religion does not serve to benefit anyone except the freeloading priests representing their church who dictate that their followers judge others upon their religious beliefs instead of their socio civic consciousness and treatment of their fellowman. Nobody is allowed to judge any man on the basis of religious beliefs alone. For it is the personal beliefs of man, sans religion, that makes the man, the human being that he is.