The reasons of global warming

Is there global warming Yes, there is global, though not everyone agrees on the fact that is happening, how to deal with it, or what the end results will be.1 In this paper we will discuss global warming
The United Nations Climate Change Conference is to be held this week in Copenhagen. There will be 192 nations there. It will be a very significant meeting and the primary aim is to slow global warming. In 1997 this same team organized the Kyoto Protocol which called for a 5.2% change in carbon dioxide emissions from the 1990 levels. The United States refused to ratify it, though they now say they are willing to reduce carbon emissions in the United States by 50%. The treaty expires in 2012. When ask what they hoped to accomplish this time, the United Nations’ de Boer says that it needs to include, greenhouse-gas emission goals for industrialized nations, emission free energy goals for developing nations, promises of money and machinery from industrialized nations to meet goals, and agreement on how to meet those goals. If global warming is so important then why did the last treaty not get signed2
The "Identifying Signatures of Natural Climate Variability in Time Series of Global-Mean Surface Temperature:Methodology and Insights" study is an international study done by a team of scientists from Colorado State University, Washington State University, East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom, and Exeter, United Kingdom. They used several models during their study since there has been such controversy over the different models showing different things. All of the models were tested by each group and when the final results came back, it was obvious that the predications of global warming were correct. Those model studies will be presented at the International Conference.3 The three model studies used were CTI, TENSO, and Tdyn. All three studies showed a continual increase in the overall temperature over time. That did not mean that there was not some cooling off done. In fact there were many dips but after each dip, the temperature increased to a new high average. Again the high average has been increasing more rapidly over the last 10-20 years.
Technology would have to cut back. This would mean a large stain on an already strained world economy. Carbon dioxide emissions would have to be decreased by factories, cars, food manufacturers and many others. This does not appeal to the United States congress or others. The cost in dollars is high. One of the controversial issues is that the richer countries would have to pay for the poorer countries to receive the help they needed. of course global warming did not occur because of the poorer countries but because of the practices of the industrialized countries. Then there is the controversy. Is global warming really happening or is it hype that is created by the scientist to get us to clean up our act4
Recently, there was a disclosure about emails that were stolen from England’s University of East Anglia. Those emails included climate researchers "bad-mouthing critics and struggling to explain if global warming is real, why recent years’ temperatures didn’t exceed 1998 and 2005 levels, the warmest on record."(Vergano, 2009, pg 2). This kind of thing is what is discouraging