The Qualifications of a Good Leader

Even in the most turbulent of times, when organizations just tumble selling away their remaining assets at the price of peanuts, some organizations dramatically rise to grab such opportunities that they can acquire value in such downtrends which when the economy makes a turnaround, prove to be unforgettable achievements for the organization for many years to come later. The fact that the organizations manage to pull out the strength when all the others are breaking, is a mystery, the answer for which mainly lies in the actions of the people driving those organizations. These people are the ones whom the world is always in the search of that they can turn around companies and create an undeterred determination in the minds of their subordinates to succeed against any adversities. They create a world worth living with unflinching objectives clearly communicated to their followers that their followers just blindly walk into their path, regardless of any hardship they have to face, that they have the confidence that their leader will never let them down. This confidence when utilized righteously by the leaders would help those organizations to achieve in all circumstances.In this journey to achieve against all odds, how would anyone, given a combination of chances, choose to stick on to some course of action arbitrarily? How anyone could be sure that they are pursuing the right course of action either for themselves or for their organization? To what extent can they be sure that the course of action which they have taken up is the right one? These answers could be easily answered by a leader who guides those people into the opportunities and ensures that they reap the benefit of results. But, how could one identify that the person who is guiding him/her is a leader to follow their path? Why couldn’t they themselves become leaders? Finding answers to such questions are though very tedious, could reap in better results for any employee working in the present-day organizations.