The Psychological Problems of Teenagers

The tragedy occurred with David and Paul is not just a unique case that should be recognized as an accident. However, this accident could have been avoided if both boys had enough proper parental care, if there were developed effective social programs against income and racial inequalities. and government bodies have restricted the gun control legislation.
The accident could have been avoided if both boys had proper parental care and awareness of their sons. Lack of proper parental care was one of the main problems that have caused the tragedy at the public high school, attended by David and Paul. Parents had to try to understand this issue and pay more attention to their children, increase their parental care and awareness. While Paul and David were adolescents’ age, they needed more attention from the closest people, who would be able to understand their problems. Even though the parents of these teenagers were not directly mentioned in the case, their indirect participation or better to say lack of parental participation in the lives of their children was a critical point. First of all, parents are the people who should listen to their children, support them and help to solve their problems. Considering this parental responsibility, David’s and Paul’s parents had to resolve the psychological problems of their sons by taking effective measures. They could speak by their own with sons, support them and give useful advice, provide them with psychological support and optimism. If this failed to work, there was an alternative to hiring a specially trained psychologist, with experience in working with adolescents. Also, David’s and Paul’s parents could take a decision to change school and thus to “relieve” boys from the unfriendly social treatment. However, neither David nor Paul had proper parental care. Lacking parental support and optimism, feeling lonely and offended, students reflected their problems of a mental state by extreme physical aggression.