The Pluralist framework of industrial Relations in the UK has been replaced with HR management Discuss



Over the years, this relationship has gradually improved and become highly developed in response to conditions and terms of employment. Among scholars and practitioners of labour issues, there have been arguments regarding industrial relations (IR) and Human Resources (HR) management. The debates have been centred on whether pluralist framework of IR has been replaced with HR management or not. According to Salmon (2000), IR is a multidisciplinary field that studies the relationship of employment in both employment situations and in the unionized workforce. On the other hand, HR management refers to an organizational function that concentrates on recruitment, management, and providing direction to employees in a given organization (Armstrong, 2006). The pluralist framework is a system of managing industrial/ employee relations, which determines the employment relationship and resolves conflict through the institution of trade union recognition and the process of collective bargaining at enterprise, industry, and national level. On the other hand, HR management is a strategic and integrated approach to the management of people. HR management is about employees’ management. Recent evidence about HRM application suggests that there is a decline in the collective aspects of the employment relationship in favour of individualism.