The Marketing Game

Marketing Game Report mainly focuses on: marketplace study, rivalry, approach, execution of marketing mix, sales budget and earning income. The challenges faced by this helps to enhance the Marketing Game repot. The Marketing Game provides exclusive learning benefits in contrast to any other learning methods such as understanding book and editorials, lectures, visitor lecturer, case study and appearance, etc. Speakeasy is a software company and the company adopts a computer-based simulation The Marketing Game to enhance knowledge. It is a lively method so it is like the majority of industry circumstances. Also, it highlights the requirement for integrative development on the basis of both qualitative as well as the quantitative study of the marketplace atmosphere.The product should be aimed at the basis of needs and wants as well as the Segmenting measurements of the customer. The main focuses of the market game are, Marketplace study, Rivalry, Strategy, Execute the promotion strategy, Financing and Earning Income. The Marketing Game is an aggressive market policy imitation that permits students an occasion that is appropriate for their market information in an enjoyable and interesting method. “The Marketing Game is applicable to all areas of Marketing and all levels because the game is not based on just one simulation.” (Mason Perreault 2001).Market analysis is an important part of the arrangement of the Marketing Game in Speakeasy. In the industry, Situation Analysis helps in analyzing the conditions of the industry. One of the important factors necessary to consider at the time analyzing the business environment is the estimation of rivals’ net donation. So, it will help to investigate the past plan to lead and assess placing and target sections. Customers, competitors, costs, trends, etc are some of the factors that are considered while performing the market analysis of the software industry. Market enlargement, technicalatmosphere, competitive atmosphere, etc. are some of the critical factors affecting the software industry.