The Calabasas Smoking Ban

The Calabasas Smoking Ban Public Health I think that the no-smoking ordinance of the of Calabasas is for the protection of public health. In myown definition of public health, it does not only include the health of the non-smokers that is also the central concern of the ordinance but also the smokers. It is unnoticeably for the health of the smokers even though the content of the ordinance goes in the heart of the non-smokers. I would agree to the ordinance as it helps protects and safeguard public health. As I have understood, smokers will have the limited areas where they can smoke (i.e. their residence) and therefore would greatly reduce their smoking habit. It is such a good move by the city making the ordinance as the reason for smokers to eventually quit smoking. As a result of this, it would no doubt lessen their risks from diseases brought about by smoking.
Moreover, I believe that the ordinance has been thoroughly justified through statistics and findings on the effects of the secondhand exposure to smoke. The numbers of death outcome due to the effect of secondhand (or side stream) smoke greatly supports the ordinance which also, I suppose, provides a solid foundation. The figures give explanation for it all and have constructed reasonable argument in defending the ordinance. In my own point of view, this is one of the good reasons that the City Council does not have any opposition to the ordinance.
Calabasas Smoke-Free City
The City of Calabasas is in one way preserving the community. Through the no-smoking ordinance, residents and the public will greatly benefit from it thus making the city a healthy place to live in. The city may be just a small place to be the starting point and the example of a smoke-free place but what the city council has come up with is just and reasonable although to some people think it sounds ridiculous. Well for me, it is not ridiculous. As this ordinance will take effect and reaches its full implementation, the city of Calabasas will be an attractive place for tourists and potential investing firms and businesses.
This advantage gained by the city of Calabasas through the ordinance will be realized as soon as the implementation of the smoking ban proved to be successful and I know it will be a triumph. On the other side, it really might sound too extreme if we will be taking a look of the ordinance’s provisions. It would be not too easy for the smokers to adopt quickly for the regulation as areas of exceptions might be too few. But if the people will only look for the good things that the ordinance can bring, everything wouldn’t be too hard to follow. After all, it is the city of Calabasas itself that will benefit from such ordinance.
Promotion of No-Smoking Campaign
The step taken by the city of Calabasas sets an example for other cities to follow. It may not be really the intention of the city council to promote smoke-free city at first but eventually, as the ordinance will be successful, other neighboring states and places will follow.
However, it will require other places some indication and confirmation from the execution of the ordinance. This would take for quite a while for the city of Calabasas to show the success of the smoking ban. Confidently, the ordinance will be a success taking into consideration the very few contradictions and opposing parties. Along with the good intentions attached to the ordinance, more importantly the protection of children from such exposure, the smoking ban will spread throughout adjacent places and eventually stretch to the whole United States. And not only that, it will be such a great influence to all people in the world knowing about the Calabasas no-smoking ordinance.