Supplier Relationships By Enhancing Ethical Conduct

Business firms have often been witnessed to overlook the aspect of ethical being or their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) while executing their organizational operations. For instance, marketers often make illusionary comments to persuade the customers, manufacturers often release harmful chemicals and elements in the open environment which affects the social and the eco-system of earth. The intention behind performing such unethical doings by organizations is mostly related to the realization of huge profit in a short span of time. This not only harms society at large but also has a strong effect on the company’s reputation and goodwill (Sharma, 2010).
Subsequently, ethical performance is quite imperative in the case of an apparel company, especially when it is operating on the multinational dais. It is because customer loyalty and their interest signify stimulated growth for the companies dealing with products similar to apparel. With this point of view, the paper shall intend to analyze the situation and identify the consequences most probable to occur in the near future. Conclusively, the paper shall also suggest certain preliminary measures to overcome the identified challenges.
In managerial terms ‘Business Ethics’ is often referred to as an oxymoron, i.e. it brings two or more conflicting issues together in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of what is right and wrong for the business and the society as well. However, in the realistic practices, the organizational leaders have over and over again been observed to rant the issue of business ethics as a mere management concept rather than one of the most significant and uncompromising issues (Crane &amp. Matten, 2007).
With this concern, few ethical issues related to the apparel company can be identified in their supply-chain arrangements. For instance, one of the major suppliers of the company has been recorded to continue performing unethical practices.