Summary of Article Related to Global Water Crisis

The paper is about the summary of Sandra Postel’s article ‘Will There Be Enough?’ The article is all about increasing trend of the scarcity of water resources in the world. In this article, the main focus of the writer is on the reason and cause behind water scarcity and how people can control the same by altering their own habit.
Although 2/3rd of the world is covered with water but increasing unplanned use of the same, growing civilization as well as extensive development of current through water dams increasing the possibility of water shortage all over the globe. Not only the natural calamities are responsible for this, the growing trend of global warming, development of dam to develop hydropower, artificially manipulating the normal flow of the river to develop new civilization all are key reasons behind this growing threat of water scarcity “Many communities are revitalizing their rivers by tearing down dams that are no longer safe or serving a justifiable purpose.” Change in the climate condition making the chances of devastating floods more and more frequent. With the growing demand of water, people are now using science and technology to control the normal flow and path of various rivers to make it feasible to develop civilization but at the same time, it is making disaster quite obvious and more and more regular. To maintain the availability of the water it is very important for people all over the globe to control the unnecessary wastage of the water. As a matter of fact “Conservation remains the least expensive and most environmentally sound way of balancing water budgets.” It is important for people to review their own style of living, food pattern, and also must balance the use of both energy and water.