Submitted to the Chairman

From the discussion it is clear that the healthcare sector, even though like any other business, has its own unique challenges such as uncertainties, powerful professionals at play, high utilization of technology, shortage of professionals and inconsistent external demands. All of these challenges can be mitigated by developing leaders through transformative learning, with a focus on the strategic goals and a long-term perspective.

This study highlights that the Chairman returned from an industry leaders’ seminar with two major concerns – a paradigm shift from an Industrial Age to an Informational Age that is transforming what it means to be an effective leader, and new business models and leadership thinking and practices must emerge if businesses are to survive in the new environment as result of the GFC. These concerns have been addresses in the context of the healthcare industry.&nbsp.The leadership so far was meant for a world of slower change, limited information flow and clearer boundaries. With an accelerated pace of technological change and the proliferation of the internet, people today have a keenness to have a voice in the decision-making.&nbsp.Globalization has led to better education systems which have awakened the consciousness of the people for better governance and leadership. Reflection has become a commonly adopted mode of finding innovative ways to deal with problems.&nbsp.The basic assumptions are eroding and today clear boundaries do not exist between groups, organizations and sectors.