Strategies of Virgin Group Limited

Another major strategy of the company is the competition policy, mainly put in place so that the enterprise can outdo its competitors in the market. The company has come up with strategies that have enabled it to attract its customers over a short period. The organization has been able to produce different products, with different packaging and branding so as to differentiate it from those of the other competitors.
After reviewing the SWOT analysis, the company identified competition and customers as some of the competitors and prices as the threats of the enterprise. Being external, it has been able to apply blueprint strategy on leveraging strength and opportunities as well as mitigating some of its daily threats and weaknesses (Virgin Australia Holdings Limited, 2014). The organization has been able to lower the prices of its products by adding back its profit to the production costs, hence experiencing relatively low production costs. These reflect on the low prices of their services to their clients and in turn winning as more customers as possible, in the long run.
The company has been undertaking some product awareness strategies to improve on its product promotion and advertisement. The current CEO of the Company, Josh Bayliss, realized that the best way to improve on their sales is to create product awareness for the consumers, both for the already existing goods and the newly produced ones. The company has made good use of the internet, social sites, media, celebrities, billboards, magazines and produced as many catalogs of the enterprise as possible. In the essence of doing this, the organization has been able to realize some increase in the number of clients seeking its services, nearly in all its two hundred outlets in the world. The company has been able to develop efficient strategies in its organizational performances, both for service production and delivery to its clients.