Starbucks Delays India Entry

Starbucks planned its roadmap to venture in India with Tata Global Beverages, though according to the present legal framework of the country, Starbucks could have entered India without any partner, yet the company is planning to enter into a 50-50 joint venture with TATA Group. As far as marketing strategies of Starbucks are concerned for India, the strategies that they have formulated for the US target market would not assist them to be successful in India because India is a culturally rich country and the people belonging to any class have a strong attachment to the culture. In India coffee is preferred, but tea is preferred more than coffee. Moreover, the food offered in Starbucks in the USA is completely different from the taste and preferences of Indian consumers (Knowledge Wharton Today “Starbucks Comes to India, Selling Coffee and Atmosphere”). …Starbucks is also well-known for its high-quality coffee bean, so the Indian customers would expect to receive similar high quality and tasty coffee and tea from Starbucks, but the other menus such as snacks or meals which is also sold in Starbucks stores have to be absolutely Indian or balanced combination of Indo-American dishes, as the Indian customers have varied taste and preferences and they welcome different food items and menus from different countries too (Ahmed “Starbucks Delays India Entry”). Starbucks’ step to choosing TATA for entering India is a very intelligent decision because TATA as a brand has high goodwill in India. TATA is denoted as another name for India values, relationship, and high-quality product. Apart from this, TATA also has the experience of understanding Indian customers better than any other company. So it can be said that two strategies would assist Starbucks to successfully enter and set business India. firstly the joint venture with Tata Group, and secondly the marketing strategies which would include understanding the Indian culture, their values, taste and preferences, and then design the menu and the ambience or culture of the coffee shop accordingly. Answer 2 First Solar Inc. is an American company which manufactures photovoltaic films or modules which is popularly known as solar panels. It is one of the largest manufacturers of solar power modules which are used to convert the sunlight into electricity. The customers of First Solar are the solar project developers, independent producers of power, and system integrators. Initially, the company sold its products in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Italy, but later it expanded its markets to China, India and also in other parts of the US.The solar power industry is complemented by various threats like the dwindling supply of nonrenewable energy and rising price. In the USA market, First Solar Inc is facing competition from players like Sun Power Corporation.