Sexual Cultures



The researcher of this essay focuses on the discussion of citizenship issue, that is closely associated today with the heterosexuality and the institution of marriage. This relationship along with the construction of intimate and sexual citizenship has been a significant theme in the studies of sexuality across several disciplines. According Richardson normal citizenship has largely been constituted as heterosexuality, which is a necessary basis for full citizenship. In addition, according to theorists of sexual citizenship, citizenship claims are also based on male privilege. However, the theoretical construct of sexual citizenship is built on the perception of sexual minorities such as gays and lesbians as second-class citizens. Therefore, the main purpose of this essay is to discuss the relationship between sexual partnerships, citizenship and the state. The recent change in focus and meaning of sexual politics has associated with the idea of inclusion and integration of gay and lesbians into the mainstream society as normal and respectable citizens. This is because sexual citizenship involves political and legal practices, as well as cultural representations and practices that are not quite clear. In addition, ignoring the concept of sexual citizenship is dangerous, as well as imperialistic because it creates an assumption that everybody is a legal citizen. For this reason, the US has put in place regulations relating to citizenship based on sexual practices such as marital status immigration law.