Review Of Documentary Lifers

&nbsp.To shed some light on this issue, Channel 4 created a series of documentaries a few years ago that highlights and follows some of the prisoners serving what amounts to a life sentence at Gartree prison. The film itself is designed to give viewers a glimpse of the harsh reality of life behind bars, without any possibility of seeing freedom again on the other side. It provides a stark contrast between a society that believes in second chances, with the reality that such opportunities are not afforded to everyone, particularly those who have violated certain societal norms and mores that go against the grain of civilized society (Channel 40d 2012). &nbsp.Through the depiction of various real life inmates, this documentary guides viewers towards a better understanding of the concept of having certain prisoners serve a life sentence, no matter what efforts they may make to better themselves behind bars. In the end, the documentary is masterful of not making a social judgment about the efficacy of the UK’s policy of life imprisonment. rather, it leaves the choice up to the individual viewer as to rather or not the concept is beneficial or harmful to society as a whole.
&nbsp.This documentary, by and large, is effective because the prisoner themselves are afforded the opportunity to tell their stories. Some are truly regretful for their actions, while others express a feeling that their lives truly are over, resulting in a no fear attitude that pervades their existence in prison.