D Effectiveness"The acquisition and R&amp.D based activities of the supplier with the reseller is regarded as vertical R&amp.D based activities. In the case of vertical R&amp.D based activities, both the parties are involved in buyer-seller relationship. The acquisition of the Medico Container Services by Merck is regarded as vertical R&amp.D based activities. The regulatory authorities have appreciated exercises of vertical R&amp.D based activities. It is expected that consumers are also able to benefit from the vertical R&amp.D based activities, because such activities i.e. the integration of the supply chain, increase the efficiencies, the prices stabilize and quality of the services also improve. The R&amp.D based activities of the Time Warner Inc. and Turner Corp., which is entirely different entertainment networks, has improved the services of the entertainment giants greatly. The regulatory authorities expressed their concerns that Time Warner after R&amp.D based activities will be reluctant to offer and sell its video programs to other competitors of the cable TV companies, and Turner Corp. will have extra benefit through such bargains of R&amp.D based activities, and Turner Corp. …
The regulatory authority therefore approved the R&amp.D based activities as it was likely to improve the services, through ‘ Direct Broadcast Satellite and new wireless cable technologies’ (Yang, 2005).
Microsoft: Research &amp. Development
The Research and Development Credit has supported different technological innovations, which has assisted the technology companies in the ‘creation and perseverance of high quality of life’ for the customers. The performance of research and development are responsible for the positive economic benefits. The revenue has been increased considerably, and the employment opportunities have further expanded, at parallel there has been increase in the purchase of the capital goods, and rate of returns. The implementation of the research and development has resulted in good number of opportunities for the increase in dividends and such practices has contributed towards strengthening of the American tax base. The focus of the American government has been over ensuring that the economic growth is sustainable, and the threat to the global security is minimal, for that purpose the practice and the implementation of the research and development is expected to influence and ensure appropriate surveillance of the goods imported and exported to the United States, such practice will correspondingly influence and improve the labor and capital requirements.
The businesses in American are based on small scale businesses, which accounts for more than ninety percent of the American businesses. These small businesses contribute massively towards the gross national product of the country. The stability and the status of these small scale companies can be ensured provided that such companies are provided with an opportunity to perform in the open market,