Online Games Are You An Addict

Participated by all, even 4-year-olds are into playing online games, be it Filipino, Koreans, Americans, all can get hooked by this latest craze in technology. But to some, it’s like taking prohibited drugs, take it once and before you know it, you get addicted. In no time, it will consume you, destroying you as it destroys your relationships… your job… your life. If you are not wary, you will end up an addict and a loser. This paper will show if Filipinos have the tendency to be online game addicts.

I made an interview with fifty (50) Filipinos who share the same interest and craze in online games. I chose respondents who frequent the internet café’s because this will determine the intensity of their “addiction” to online gaming. Their ages range from as young as 12 to as old as 35. Players ages 16 and below say they only play online games with friends on weekends or at the end of the day after class. When asked how many hours they play on weekdays, most of them replied from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. the most. In this case, they have approximately 2 ½ hours of playing on the computer. When asked what time they go to bed, most answered 11 p.m. For staying up so late at night and having classes the following morning at 7 a.m., they need to be awake at least 5:30 a.m. and with this time schedule, they only have 6 hours of sleep, when what is required is 8. I also asked them what their parents say about them spending so much time playing online games. Most parents of these children do mind a lot (although some answered ‘okay’ at first). It’s just that the child won’t listen and the parent would not fuss about it any longer and besides, most homes have PCs and internet connection, plus with the internet cafés around, the child always has access even if you forbid him hundreds of times.