Migration to the USA

There was a time when the United States of America used to be called the land of opportunities for the people of the third world or developing countries. The land of the United States of America has been proved as the machine which converts the dreams into reality. Those desires which were a mere dream for the people of the developing world in their own countries, came to the United States of America and their those dreams got fulfilled. On the other hand, America was also welcoming them openly. The major motive, according to various researchers, was not the desire to help fellow mankind, rather to attain the cheap labor for the country. This was the reason why the business community of the United States of America has always been in favor of allowing illegal immigrants to get legalized or at least to be allowed to stay here.Though it seems quite obscure and strange, yet it is a reality that once immigration was taken for granted in the US policy but now, immigration policy occupies a significant space in the political agenda of both, the democrats and the republicans. Moreover, the business community is also trying their level best to influence the immigration policies and shape them in such a manner that benefits their own motives such as the steady availability of cheap labor. The illegal immigration reforms and the business community have the potential to influence each other. Thus, the problem statement for this research is that there are the interests of the US Business Community in the relaxed illegal immigration reform. What those interests and impacts are will be analyzed in this research.In this literature review, we intend to explore and identify what has already been researched and what needs to be research regarding the perspective of the business community regarding the illegal immigration reforms.The scheme of the literature review would be as follows: First of all, we would try to define what we mean by the term immigration.