Lifechanging Case



Despite my repeated requests, he insisted on driving. I gave up after trying for a very long time. He was driving very fast and did not take care of the speed limits of the road. His rash driving led to us being stopped by the police. They performed the alcohol test and his alcohol level was above the normal limits. We had broken the law and we had to face the consequences. We were locked up in jail. Our parents reached for our help. They paid the fine. It was a very difficult situation for me. I found it very difficult to face my family and I had placed them in a tough position. I felt very ashamed. I learned an important lesson that rules and regulations are meant to be followed. This is not only for the good of society but also for not letting down your family. When I saw the concerned faces of my parents, I realized how reckless I had been. I analyzed that from that day onwards I would always follow the correct path and never let my parents down. My personality has been determined by both environmental as well as genetic influence. The occurrences of my life have alerted and shaped my personality but my response to these occurrences is determined by genetic influence. This is owing to the fact that there are many situations in which I see myself reacting in a similar manner as my father does. Thus my personality has been molded by both genetic and environmental factors.