Language Learning Reflection toward Future Teaching

As the report declares one of the major difficulties of learning Spanish with an English background relates to the structure of sentences. When learning Spanish, it is prudent to aware of the fact that grammatical relations and sentence structure in English is largely based on the word order. The construction of sentences in English fixed as opposed to the flexible Spanish language that relies on morphological changes in a sentence. When learning phrases, we were required to use a simple dialogue to complete a speech. In order to structure the phrase correctly and write in Spanish, the author of the report had to make comparisons between the phrases in Japanese and Korean.
This paper stresses that When learning grammar, the author noted major differences between the usage of articles in Spanish and English. Articles in Spanish are positioned at some points in the sentence that would otherwise not have an article in English. When Nora was teaching articles, I noted that there are at least eight articles in the Spanish language as opposed to three choices in the English language. The author of the report had already learned the gender of words in French, the reporter still found it hard. The author noted major differences between the usage of articles in Spanish compared to how they are used in Korean and Japanese. The major problems stems from the fact that Spanish has a lot of exceptions during the application of grammar rules, hence it is not possible to universally apply the rules learned.