Key points in plot

The novel the Cider house rules by John Irving is a novel that shares the story of an orphan who fails to be adopted and asa result grows up in an orphanage. The novel has three main parts which are. Homer’s childhood, Dr. Larch’s background of his strong regarding abortion and as the novel ends the Homer still is not convinced by the doctor’s conviction on abortion but he rides back to St Cloud’s on Ramses paper company truck.
The novel being set on the 1920’s a few historical elements could be traced in the novel. The world war one is mentioned while a letter was written down by a literate prostitute to Dr. Larch to let him know that they needed some assistance. The historical time mentioned in the novel shows how people at the time lived and their sources of help by churches and hospitals that helped them at the time during the world war one. During this hard time people especially social workers and other workers needed help from well-wishers to assist in the dire time of need.
The mention of world war two in the novel is also seen as Homer lives on the Worthington estate in a bunkhouse called the Cider House as Wally leaves to fight in the world war. This shows the struggle that the different states went through and the struggle that the military had to go through to fight for their country as service men for their country. The historical setting of the book is of the world war times as it mentions the different backgrounds of the world wars.
The cider house rules is a novel that shares the different opinions on abortion and how it has affected the people from time in memorial the different characters have a role to have their view. There are other views that one would share such as prostitution that are mentioned in the book. The novel shows that issues that were discussed long time ago are still issues that are currently discussed at the present time.