However, it is to be kept in mind that the apparel selected for selling in the Canadian market needs to be according to the trends of the market they will be marketed in. The reason for selecting China for this product is due to the benefit from economies of scale. The textile products from China are considered to be cheaper and of reasonable quality as compared to other possible markets that can be accessed to import from. The product that our group has decided to import from China is apparels.Our company aims to market apparel for market segments identified on the basis of gender differentiation and age bracket from the age of 16 and above. In this way, the company aims to cater to adult clothing for both men and women. In order to meet our company’s objective, we will import clothing items like trousers, shirts and t-shirts for men and formal as well as casual wear for females. The product line for men will include shirts both casual as well as formal, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, suits and sportswear. For women, we intend to provide tops, trousers, suits, blazers, nightwear, jeans, skirts, gowns and beachwear. The product line is meant to aim that a person can have the entire range of clothing from party-wear to office-wear. However, this requires careful selection and planning as apparels is relatively seasonal item and fashion trends can change rapidly making clothing line outdated and difficult to sell. Moreover, the overall cultural and social values prevailing in the market are major drivers of apparel market. Therefore it is further suggested that the company will make a selection of apparels from suppliers in China on the basis of the designs of clothes that are in line with the social and cultural preferences of the people living in Canada.The country selected for the purchase of apparel to be marketed in Canada is China. China has emerged as a global economic leader offering great opportunities for businesses locally and globally.