In what ways are new technologies opening up new spaces of identity for young people

For example people can play games online and have fun. Its easy now to make a website that belongs to a certain university and has all the students as members in it. Or a website that offers the user to increase its social circle by interacting with different type of people across the globe. I was going through a local magazine today and found a section in it that had real stories about people’s experience on the Internet. I was not amazed at all to find out the story about a happily married couple that first met on the Internet in a local chat room. Events like this are becoming common in the world. This story only tells about people living in the same region but in fact there are stories about people living in different parts of the world that met on the Internet and went on to get married. In the same way people have started making friends around the globe that share common interests. Now I will discuss about some websites that are extremely popular and have millions of people as their members.
The recent trend in Internet entertainment is towards websites that allow people to interact with different people across the globe. As we all know Internet removes the barrier of time synchronization hence it enables the people around the world to mingle with each other. Websites like Orkut, Facebook, Netlog, Hi5, and My Space have been the major target of users looking to make new friends and have fun on the Internet. I will only discuss Orkut and Facebook that are the leaders. The strategy of the owners of these website is quite simple, that is enable interaction between people in the circle of law and order and provide entertainment. While this is going on the owners of these websites are not dumb enough to do this without earning money. Every organization that wants to promote their firm through the Internet finds it easy to market themselves through websites that are most frequently visited. These websites that claim to increase a person’s social circle