Health Program For Latina Immigrant

The other most important thing that I should be aware is the mode of greeting in which most of the Latin people are welcoming and mostly use hugs and cheek kisses as a mode of greeting. Knowing this will ensure I behave according to in order to show my gratitude. Politeness is also a key value and thus noting that interrupting someone shows disrespect. I will huddle this during the program period. Religion and family are highly valued and thus being conversant with the Roman Catholic Church doctrines will make it easier not to respect them in my teachings.
Most of the Latin Immigrants are not well educated thus using a program in Spanish to suit them, this is better than translating a program made in English. The props used should be also in Spanish and as an educator. I would involve Spanish entertainment and their cultural foods to win their hearts. Since most of them are not well educated, it is wise to ESL approach, which will captivate more interest with all the people that want to learn English. Lastly, I would participate fully with the church thus create an admirable image thus. people would be welcoming and willing to listen to me.
Would your program be for the person, extended family, or neighborhood?
My program will be for the extended family since the Latin culture values it most. This will make my bonding experience easier since most of the immigrants have no documents and are afraid of being deported. These immigrants will secure to have classes in their homes.