Health and Spa Tourism

Increasing globalization and the emergence of new tourist destinations worldwide have created a changing nature of competition (Nordin). Health and spa tourism is one such venture which promotes specialized health modules while facilitating a well-deserved break from the tension and stress of the day to today’s life.
Holidays have always held a special charm for the young and the old alike. Krippendorf says travel is: recuperation and regeneration, restoring body and soul (pp24-8) Vacations to different places have not only provided a way to rejuvenate the mind and the body after the humdrum monotony of the routine life but they have also been a great source of information and knowledge about people and places. Though the pattern of holidays and vacations, has changed over the years, the basic aim of relaxing has remained the most important feature. One journalist has observed that for children it is a treat. I shall make it back(Hill,1993).

Need for Special Interest Tourism (SIT)
Information technology has facilitated wider options of holiday destinations to the common man and travel agencies have made it easier for him to go to far-flung places by providing the necessary appendages like accommodation, transport, etc. In fact, consumers are now able to put together more flexible packages.. via the internet (Urry,p 46). In recent times, there has been great mushrooming of these travel agencies and the tourism industry has flourished at an unprecedented rate. With the competition becoming tougher every day, it has become important that new strategies and plans incorporating exotic and special themes be introduced. Innovative ideas in attractive packages are being prepared for a select target thus opening a whole new vista of tourism. The exclusivity of the package has special appeal which has popularized the concept of special interest tourism (SIT). This type of tourism goes beyond the usual definition of the word and fulfills the extra demand that the body or the mind or sometimes, both, require.