Hypothyroidism SOAP NOTEPatient Initials: Age: Gender:SUBJECTIVE DATA:Chief Complaint (CC): “ ”.History of Present Illness (HPI):Medications:Allergies:Past Medical History (PMH):Current medication:Past Surgical History (PSH):Family History:Personal/Social History:Immunization: up Continue Reading

Module 8 reading questions

Submit two (2) in-depth questions per assigned readingEitzenChap121.pdfSportsinSocietyIssuesandControversies12thEdition421.pdfPosted: 10 months agoDue: 22/04/2019Budget: $10Tags: socsociology Answers 1Ranchoddas Chanchad PhD4.9 (47)4.8 (1k )Chat10 months agoPurchase the answer to view itSportisinSocieties.odtTry it first(plagiarism Continue Reading

Group Potency and Collective Efficacy

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LGBTQ DiscriminationLamar CollinsEng 122Professor: Leah Hamilton5/4/2020Although many scholars think significant progress has been made in the LGBTQ community, I argue that there is still a Continue Reading


Essentials of Organizational Behavior, 14e (Robbins/Judge)Chapter 5 Personality and Values1) According to Gordon Allport, ________ is/are defined as “the dynamic organization within the individual of Continue Reading


CHAPTER 3INSIDE CRIMINAL LAWLearning ObjectivesAfter reading this chapter, students should: List the four written sources of American criminal law. Explain the two basic functions of Continue Reading


Bispo, Ashley. “Fairytale Dreams: Disney Princesses’ Effect on Young Girls’ Self-Images.” Dialogues@RU 9 (2014): 1-15. Web. 21 February 2016. http://dialogues.rutgers.edu/all-journals/volume-9/148-fairytale-dreams-disney-princesses-effect-on-young-girls-self-images/fileThis paper was posted by Ashley Continue Reading