Functional Human Resource Technology

Functional Human Resource Technology – Payroll Implementation of Computerised Payroll System XYZ company needs a Computerised Payroll System to be implemented. What is a Computerised Payroll System and how it works is discussed in this paper.
Computerised Payroll System is the new technology in payroll system and it helps a lot. It has now become possible to be paperless as some of the staff who have direct deposit facility can be given pay stubs electronically.
A company has to choose and implement a payroll system which will have all the facilities that an employee may want. Of course needless to say implementing a new technology is an expensive one. A lot of time, staff and money is involved in implementing a new payroll system in a company. Once the system is installed then it has to be upgraded which means all the manual records have to be converted into electronic records. This will also require a lot of staff who can work on it..
Reasons for Company to adopt Computerised Payroll System
Why should most of the companies waste their time and money in installing new systems The answer to this question is simple. The reason is that it is very easy and simple to process payroll on a computer than doing it manually. Every employee can now look at his or her average salary for the month and can plan his or her expenditure accordingly. Errors creeping in the calculation of pay every month is reduced than when done so under the manual system.
Specialization and Compliance of Computerized Payroll System
Installation of Computerized Payroll System can be expanded based on the needs of the organization. The installation should pave way for work to be carried out with fewer integration problems. As part of these ports to new payroll resolutions, management comforts particularly for financial management will be a large part of potential technology. The new technology will include more graphing ability, like the dashboards that would immediately display the mean salary by cost center.
Computerised Payroll System as a Challenge to HR Managers
The new technology of Computerised Payroll System when installed or while installing will be a challenge to the Management. It becomes a challenge, because the required and apt staff who can work with the new system without causing it to crash, will have to be inducted.
The human factor, that is the staff, is also equally important as is the system with new technology for the payroll department. Hiring employees is a fundamental function of the HR department manager. But hiring an employee to join an already effectively function payroll department, or even hiring someone who aids in the process of building a good computerized payroll system is a tough balancing act for the managers. The management will have to hire the right person for the task and will also have to provide the required training on the job. The managers will also have to make sure that duties are assigned correctly to the person so hired for the job.
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