Writing and Sharing an Executive Summary (Wal-Mart)For this discussion: Explain the collaboration issues your (Wal-Mart) selectedcompany is facing in GSCM. Evaluate the various collaborative choices Continue Reading


Remarks09/22/2018 – Bold section headings enhance the work’s overall organization. Recurring Professional Communication (Articulation) concerns are evident with parts of speech, varying issues such as Continue Reading


Strategic Management Analysis: A Case Study of AmazonStudent’s NameInstitutionStrategic Management Analysis: A Case Study of AmazonAmazon.com’s History and ProductsHeadquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon.com is one Continue Reading


BNFN 4304 – Financial PolicyMr. Masood AijaziCase 33: California Pizza KitchenSpring Semester 2017 – 2018Written ByMaryam Barifah       1420023Nour Abdulaziz         1420149Shrouq Al-Jaaidi 1420072Balqees Mekhlafi       1420231Submission Date22/03/2018CASE 33CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN Guidance Continue Reading

Journal entry

Think TanksCATO Institute at cato.org (libertarian-conservative leaning)Brookings Institute at brookings.edu (moderate-liberal progressive leaning)Possible Topic (pick one)Employment, Healthcare, Immigration, Income, Finance, Trade, Housing, Education, Economic Development, Continue Reading


1.Define the efficient market hypothesis (EMH).2. What are the implications of EMH for corporate managers?APA 6th editionMinimun 450 words, add citations and references.BOOK REFERENCE: Vernimmen, Continue Reading


pick 2 different department team members from “facilities,security,human resources,public relations, information technology, finance, sales and legal” and describe why they were chosen and what skill Continue Reading

Finance coursework

Read all the files,do a original work and get a good grade.financecw2MarkingRubric.docxfinancecw2instruction-004.docxPosted: 2 hours agoDue: 12/04/2020Budget: $80Tags: FinancebusinessAnswers 0Bids 79Quickly answer Asad Ullahuniversity workEARNESTWRITEREmily ClareRosie SeptemberDr_inaayaEssays Guruwizard kimabdul_rehman_RESPECT Continue Reading

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Essay textual analysis

textual analysis essay 3 pageIMG_2492.jpgIMG_2495.jpgIMG_2493.jpgIMG_24941.jpgIMG_2496.jpgIMG_2494.jpgIMG_7563.JPGIMG_5658.JPGIMG_2086.JPGPosted: 2 days agoDue: 18/12/2019Budget: $35Tags: urgent englishAnswers 1Dr shamille Clara5.0 (9)4.8 (520)Chata day agoPurchase the answer to view itThomasShepard.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $40Bids 73Discount Continue Reading

Problem 102A due in 24 hours

Complete the attached, Problem 10-2A Template. Please refer to Ch. 10 in your textbook for detailed instructions.WRD27e_PR10-2A.xlsxChapter10Review.docxPosted: a month agoDue: 07/11/2019Budget: $20Tags: 24 hoursaccounting Answers 4Young Nyanya5.0 (10)5.0 (156)ChatQAnswer rating:5Stars Continue Reading


What were the sources of Netflix’s risk of failure at videodownloading/streaming?- What risks did Netflix face if it was successful at videodownloading/streaming?1 pageat least 2 Continue Reading

Finance management

What were some critical management decisions that helped Netflix besuccessful vs. Blockbuster?- What other industries can you think of facing similar disruptions?1 pageAPA3 sources12/05/20205businessfinance

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Assignment 1: Economic BriefDue Week 5, worth 150 pointsThis assignment is aligned to these course outcomes: Explain economic principles and their applications in the real Continue Reading


Write 300 words on the topic and respond to three articles with 150 words each1) Write 300-350 words with 3 peer reviewed references in APA Continue Reading


Federal Crop Insurance Corp v. Merrill (1947)332 U.S. 380CERTIORARI TO THE SUPREME COURT OF IDAHOSyllabus1. The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, a wholly government owned corporation Continue Reading