Ethical Issues in Access To Water

Various issues like cultural traditions, local practices, and different societal values are the determinants of the water management process and are very useful in the structuring of water ethics. There are other issues, which centres the notion of water management and often they are not perceivable by the human senses. These are colour, tastes which provide us with little suggestion of the water composition or the water potability. These are responsible for the spread of diseases and high death rates in low-income countries. Technological backwardness can be regarded as one of the reasons in this case. A moral issue crops up regarding the preservation of water that will eventually lead to better health of the population. Such moral issues have to take into consideration the local cultural lineage as well. The paper examines and illustrates some ethical principles in order to mitigate the moral dilemmas encircling water. The problems of water management are also discussed under the light of these principles. Human ethics if transformed in a proper manner then it will be very much effective and suitable mean to achieve optimality in water management. But the fact lies in the sense that effective transformation of the human and societal ethics needs a lot of time. The paper focuses on the water scarcity problem from the ethical perspective including business ethics related to water. In this reference, the ethical issues related to the bottled water industry is mentioned. On the other hand, it also recommends some policy implications with the help of some case studies. Various theories are also mentioned and analysed. It has been illustrated that in order to construct proper water ethics the basic and most important requirement is the joint efforts and collaborations at all levels of the society.
Ethically feasible water utilisation with business ethics and management can be found in the near future if there is proper adoption of scientific techniques, methods and tools along with rising expertise among the people and infusion of ethical education to the young generations.&nbsp.