Diversity in Later Life

I do believe that I can do every challenges with a smile on my face, like my career is doing well so far.

Expand my business hopefully.
Fulfilling and stable job, to have a home to call my very own as well as to acquire enough resources to sustain my family’s needs and wants.
My family, and Peace in all societies.
Better life for my children
Diversity in Later 2
Participant A
Participant B
Participant C
Participant D
Participant E
Participant F
5. Felt Needs
1 – A stable job,
2 – A better married life.
3 – Own car &amp. house.
1 – A progressive business.
2 – Safety of my family.
3- Peaceful environment.
1 – A fulfilling &amp. stable job,
2 – A home to call my very own, and.
3 – A sufficient resources to sustain family’s needs and wants.
1-Stable work.
2-Healthy family.
3-Success of my children.
1-More achievements in work.
2-Better health for my family.
3-Harmonious relationships.
1 – First is to graduate in College soon.
2 – Second is to pass the board exam and.
3 – have a job that can give me bigger salary .

6. Satisfaction
1-Financial Gains
4-Community Projects
3-Community Projects
4-Financial Gains
3-Community Projects
4-Financial Gains
2-Financial Gains
4-Community Projects
2-Community Projects
3-Financial Gains
1-Financial Gains
4-Community Projects
7. General Concern
Global Crisis. I’m worried about the economic aspects of every family.
Health. It is important.
H1N1/Health. It’s a serious…
This paper highlights the general needs and satisfaction of middle age adults at this point of their lives, as compared to other age groups. Below is a tabular presentation of information regarding the various needs, satisfaction and general concerns of individuals (in different age groups). the sample interview guide employed in data collection is appended (Please see Appendix A).
That data of each participants represent the diverse needs, satisfaction and general concerns in the various aspects in life. Middle adulthood seems to be the "prime time" in terms of creating achievements and vast contribution in an individual’s life. Most of them are already in the "family life stage".
In the above presented table, middle age individuals (highlighted portions) generally depicted a life that goes beyond the need of oneself or which is simply not "self-centered". Middle age individuals (Participants B,C,D &amp. E) verbalized about their responsibilities and obligations which are more focused on their children, families and the society. It can also be noted that as compared with other age groups, their needs are more into the career, family and a little of what they can do for others or the community. Obviously, middle age respondents’ diverse needs, satisfaction and general concerns are somehow impacted their
socio-economic conditions.