Diplomatic Immunity

(Curtis, pp 345-500, 1999)
After this whole research, there is one basic phenomenon which is the major reason in setting the country apart from the Central Europe. In Bucharest legal some of the popular brand names are Romania while on the other hand mostly from the USA and UK none of them have any local branch of office. Few popular names among the top 100 global firms includes (Curtis, pp 345-500, 1999)
Joerg Menzer once said "There are many strong local based law firms which are most reputable as compare to other firms". (Curtis, pp 345-500, 1999) Due to the improper work of some leading global companies some smaller companies are setting and building up shops and getting and gaining name and fame side by side. This situation is due to the absence of the large markets and due to their improper work. When they are not properly working they will slowly loose their name and with the help of this situation on the other hand many other small companies build up their standard. (Curtis, pp 345-500, 1999) Apart from this situation there are many giant companies which are now working with small global market in order to make their position in the market. They always work with other smaller companies when they are not getting anything from the bigger one. Many companies without having any offices intervene on the market of Romania. Companies like
Norton Rose
Freshfields and Allen
Clifford Chance
After working since seven years, the most reputable company linklaters has gained up on the good quality of the personnel. (Bardo, pp74-78, 1998)
There are such type of companies which while working with smaller companies for a limited time period gain a lot of praise and reputation which they can’t gain when they are working with a good and huge companies. This is the reason that why and how diplomats are now working and gaining money. The most important discussion now a days is the break-Out with the help of international firms. Most of the lawyer wants to solve it by themselves while some wants to carry it with the help of a group work. And this was the reason that by the end of 2006 the lawyers decided to plan a group of 15 members in order to solve this major problem. (Bardo, pp74-78, 1998)
Here arises a critical and one of the important question that if the market develops, in return clients will always need more complex and critical services while at present most of the law firms are focusing on the volume. (Bardo, pp74-78, 1998)
Diplomats are now working as they are working in any law market. They have now no danger and they are working freely. (Bardo, pp74-78, 1998)
The law market is not purely saturated and this is the reason that why most of the lawyers were surprised when they observed the situation