Decreasing car accidents (speech outline)

Lecturer Speech Outline Road Accident Causes Quotes Road accidents are caused by over-speeding.’ Jamie McGuire. In his book, Walking Disaster, McGuire says that most motor accidents are as a result of the tendency of drivers to drive at exceedingly high speed. Unknown to them, such kind of a speed can make them not to reach their destinations safely.
2. ‘I lost my mum because of a drunk driver.’ Riley Moreno.
In his book Never Lost, Moreno gives an account of how drunk-driving is a major cause of road accidents. He says that drinking under the influence of alcohol is risky because it interferes with the mental stability of the driver (Barron 38).
3. ‘One of my friends was killed in a car accident because of overloading’ Mitchell Beverley
Here, Beverley says that road accident can be caused if a vehicle overstretches its carrying capacity.
1. ‘Why not use speed governors on our roads?’ Kate Hendrick.
In her book, the Accident, Hendrick recognizes that the number one cause of road accidents is over-speeding. Thus, she challenges her audience to consider using the speed governors to regulate the speed at which they are driving (Bates).
2. ‘Drinking under Influence laws to be stringently enforced.’ Laura Nowlin.
In If He Had Been with Me, Nowlin reacts to the loss of her loved one who succumbed to a road accident. For this reason, she says that the law should be enforced to offer severe punitive measures to those who drive under the influence of alcohol (Leeming 117).
3. ‘Create public awareness on traffic rules’ Natasha Friend.
Here, Natasha says that the rampant cases of motor accidents can be eradicated if the general public is adequately educated on the importance of observing traffic laws. This will change their attitude.
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