Data Envelopment Analyze to GP’s Super Clinics

According to the results obtained and achieved and also according to the laws of the health care systems in Australia, it has been suggested how the Data Envelopment Analysis can be applied in the GP clinics and what are the possible outcomes measures of the system. The primary health care present scenario of Australia has been discussed and what are the opportunities for the GP clinics to succeed in the future. With this analysis and the results of the case depicted for this study, the assessment and application have been studied for the Data Envelopment Analysis method possible outcomes and measures that will be achieved for the GP super clinics operating in Australia.Primary care is considered to be on the first level of healthcare in the frontline section by the government of Australia. Almost in all the developed countries, primary health care is given the utmost importance in all circumstances. This aspect should be built in every citizen of the country that they should take extreme care of their health at all times. The patients should show cooperation with all the staff of the hospital, this would help in the right treatment procedures for the patients.The leading GP models in Australia involve the treatment of non-acute conditions. Non- acute refers to the symptoms that are not life-threatening. These non-acute conditions should be of prime importance as neglecting these symptoms may lead to more severe diseases at a later stage.Due to workforce shortage and the various pressures exerted on the workforce, there is some prevention for certain groups in accessing medical services easily. Other barriers also exist for the people to access the health care they need. Healthcare centers may not be available at localities and some rural area communities may have to travel longer to reach their destination of the nearest health center.Time is an important element for everyone. Shortage of time creates obstacles for the people to make their regular visits to the doctors or other health care professionals.