Cultural Genealogy of Asian Globalization



The Toshiba Corporation came to existence in 1873 following the move by the Japanese government to promote modernization and to develop telegraphic equipment. Its target market skews a little bit more towards the domestic market at 60% of its total sales. The rest of the sales take place in other exports to North America at 16%, Asia at 11%, and Europe at 10%. Toshiba Computers mainly focus on innovation and manufacturing of high-end performance computers and laptops. Currently, one of the consumers of Toshiba products includes me considering my ownership of the Toshiba Portege laptop.

In terms of people who benefit from such innovations as well as the target market, Toshiba Computers target large business institutions, governments, and domestic consumers. The largest portion of its consumers entails the teenagers and generally the youth under 30 years of age. This mainly happens owing to the nature of these group of people to be tech-savvy and their need to have the best available machines for use at work, home, and other leisure activities. Also, learning institutions tend to benefit most from Toshiba computers for administrative purposes as well as the ultimate learning purposes for the students and pupils. The Portege machines portray high speeds of the processor. In addition, the razor blade technology in the visual graphics of the machine makes it the best suitable for clarity of images and even compatibility with other functions such as gaming software.

For this purpose, in 2011 Toshiba recorded a high rate of growth as Personal Computer (PC) vendor and got a top-five ranking amongst other global PC vendors such as HP, Dell, Acer, and Lenovo. The Toshiba Portege exhibits one of the many high-end performance laptops the latest one being that of 13.3 inch R930 series. These are designed for ease of portability with the best performance. For this purpose, these machines have had a long battery life reputation since time immemorial. In addition to that, these machines tend to be lightweight and can, therefore, be utilized on the move for any mobile consumers.