Close Reading of The Trial Chapter 10

He did not resist but at a point refused to move. It is when K sees Fräulein Burstner. The agents then give him free will to lead the way. K follows some time for the women and goes on through parks and then, he realizes he has reached the suburb of the city. There the agents hold the Joseph K. His face is pressed with a brick, and the two agents play back and forth with a knife. K thinks of getting the knife and committing suicide, but he abandons it. After that, an individual holds him with his shoulder, and the other stabs him in the front and twists the knife twice. He sees that the agents were looking at him cheek to cheek close to his face ‘like a dog!’ Chapter 10 is the last chapter of the novel. The chapter ends the litigation without any substantial outcome. The chapter also ends K’s life for his unknown crime. The obscurity and obliviousness in the plot are maintained till the end of the novel. In the plot, the protagonist is completely at the mercy of the court as the Pop tells him. The agents grab him in between and hold him in such a way that they all have aligned to one. He does not resist all the way because he realizes that there is nothing glorious or heroic to resist. Instead, he submits himself before the two individuals, which then lead him to the place where K was destined to be killed (Kafka 265).
Joseph is presented as a fighter, who fights pleading his innocence for an unknown crime he has committed. Joseph K went pursue his innocence to the court and hired a legal counselor. The agents who arrested him in the first chapter were punished and flogged in the store of his office for asking for bribes. He went to every extent to reveal the nature of the case and the judges and the law, which was violated by him. All the nine chapters are composed of the description of K. to show his ‘not guilty’. Though as the nature of the case and nature of violation and law was not known, he was unable get himself acquitted from the