Business Process Management



The study is based on a discussion about various aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This discussion will mainly focus on the importance of the usage of ERP systems in different businesses. Two organisational case studies will be illustrated to analyze various implementation procedure of ERP system in business operations. The case study of Cadbury and Hershey’s company will demonstrate the success and failure of the ERP system implementation procedure in the organisational operations. A list of problems regarding the usage of the system in the business process will be discussed. The study will also offer some solutions to the problem of ERP implementation. A number of recent technological developments in the ERP system will be illustrated in the report. These developments will enable business operations to cope up with the ever-changing market structure. Finally, the recommendation will be made regarding the major vendors of ERP software and the current level of usage of the system. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system is considered as business process management software which generally allows organisations to utilize integrated application system to control the business operations. It also assists organisations to automate various back-office operations related to human resources and technology (O’Leary, 2000). This software integrates all aspects of organisational operations that include sales and marketing, manufacturing, supply chain management, financial management, and customer relationship management. With the help of this integration, the company can control important data from all the stages of business operations (Arik Ragowsky, 2002). A proper ERP system mainly integrates the internal as well as external information flow which is further used by a business as a single and comprehensive solution (Umble, Haft and Umble, 2003). The final outcome of this discussion has suggested that the ERP system is gathering great acceptance from different organisations industry sectors.