Biometric System

These biometric cards have a great amount of use and the government introduced the same in order to cut down on the wastage of resources and to ensure national security. According to ministers, this card was introduced so that people would not have to have various other cards as per their identity proof and thus it would make identification for owning certain products, traveling around the country and abroad etc. better. Furthermore, it would help the government to easily keep a tab on each and every citizen residing within the country and the citizens would be able to use the social security services without misusing the same.
After conducting various meetings and consultations regarding the introduction of such a system for the purpose of evaluation and tracking of every citizen within the country, the government decided to go ahead with the same because the main merit of working with this system in place would mean that the government has the ability to clearly and properly identify each and every person living in the country and thus have his records, which would further lead to a large bout of development as they would be able to understand the situation of different people better. The government also tried to keep a check on terrorist activities and thus provided that having such a system in place would really help to curb the same.
In the United Kingdom, efforts were made and the majority passed the implementation of the bill for the introduction of biometric cards in the Parliament.