Between Old and New Social Movements and Cultural Change

The work reveals the command of the authors on the problems people undergo while following the social norms and cultural values on the one hand and imitating the footprints of modernism on the other. D’ Anjou Male also find unawareness of the majority of the participants of a social movement regarding the hidden agenda behind the launching of the movement. 2. Eddy, Mark “Medical Marijuana: Review and Analysis of Federal and State Policies” Congressional Research Service 2010 Eddy (2010) has made a comprehensive investigation into the problem of drug addiction with special concentration upon the governmental policy about drug consumption and legitimizing the same for the patients as well as for the habitual addicts under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) prevailing and effective in almost fourteen states of the United States. The author has argued that fourteen western states of the USA have granted the permission to the patients for consuming marijuana, which has invited severe controversy in the country. It is partly due to the very reality that the normal people can not only have access to the same in the name of medical treatment but also it could reach the access of the adolescents and youth subsequently. Moreover, the controversy arose because of the very fact that the federal government is making persecution of the patients consuming marijuana as well as the physicians responsible for recommending the same to the patients addicted to marijuana. Consequently, the US Congress appears in a fix regarding making any decision for allowing or prohibiting its consumption in the society. The author has also pointed out towards two bills presented by the members in the US Congress in favor of granting permission to the patients for the consumption of marijuana and other drugs on the recommendations made by their medical advisors and therapists. Hence, drug consumption would be legalized in the country, which is contrary to the values and previously existing statutes of the law declaring drug addiction as a crime. 3. Debusmann, Bernd “Obama, Drugs and Common Sense” Reuters Dec 23, 2009, In his article in Reuters, Debusmann (2009) has pointed out towards the controversy arose in the statements made by the present US President Barrack Obama before and after coming to power as the US senator as well as the president of the country. On the one side, he had declared the war against drugs as an utter failure in his speech he made in 2004 in the Senate before running for the candidature as the President of the USA. He aimed to bring alterations in the prevailing laws for the best interest of the nation.