Barcelona FC History

However, despite the many challenges in the initial years of FCB foundation, the club did not take long before it started to enjoy success on various strategies and also in field activities. During the time of Spanish war, the team was faced with a financial crisis in addition to having a unsupportive government system that frustrated many initiatives taken by the club. According to, the period of the 1940s was a blessing to FCB for having attained membership of around 25,000 people and won 21 Catalan matches in addition to getting 9 trophies (n.d). It is the continued success of the club in field activities that continued to attract additional members to join the club hence relieving the FCB financial burden. In addition, the increased membership and growth of the number of fans necessitated the construction of a larger stadium that would host a larger number of spectators allied to the club. Therefore, the FCB initiated the construction of stadium Camp Nou that took about three years for completion.
Additionally, the FCB motto has contributed significantly to the success of the club since it was founded. The club motto, "Més que un club", meaning more than a club, was proclaimed by Narcís de Carreras, a onetime FCB president, in 1968 (, n.d). During the reign of the authoritarian leader, Francisco Franco, the FCB had been given a lot of restriction pertaining the club operations also membership because of the perceived association to a radicalization of the Catalans.