Ancient and MEdieval Political Theory

Furthermore, it is evident that the US, possesses negative relation with certain countries that has led towards ineffective foreign policy and decision-making. On the other hand, there are also many nations having positive relation with the US and hence, lead to effective development of foreign policies and decision making regarding the elimination of terrorism from the world. Thus, from the evidences and the arguments of the research, it is asserted that the states’ identity in foreign policy and decision-making has led to limited efficiency in demolishing terrorism from the world.
The objective of the research emphasizes identifying the identity of the US with regard to its active participation in the fight against terrorism. More elaborately, it intends to discover the role of the US in combating terrorism. The report also focuses on discovering the importance of foreign policies and decision making along with the international relationship in soliciting global power for combating terrorism. It is expected that by accomplishing these objectives, the report would lead to the development of a comprehensive understanding regarding the role of the US and correspondingly, its identity in designing foreign policies and decision-making. Hence, the discussion would lead towards soliciting global support, which would be further effective in combating terrorism.
Several studies have been conducted with regard to the research topic, as elaborated in the following sections of the paper. These studies were highly successful with regard to the identification of state identity in fighting against terror groups. Research studies have also been concentrated on extensively considering the foreign policies and decision-making in soliciting global support to combat terrorism from the world. However, there are very little evidences of research studies that consider both these aspects. Therefore, the rationale behind the study is to grasp the opportunity of