A Trip to the Theatre

On February 13th, 2010, I attended a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Rose Theatre in London. The cast included Dame Judi Dentch, someone I was familiar with from her role in Casino Royale as the supervisor of James Bond. Her portrayal of Titania was as expected as she is considered a great actress on an international level. The play was a complex romp of interwoven stories that all lead to a feeling of a “moral to the story” type of ending where all ends well as is common in the comedies of Shakespeare. This production was exceptional and the historic venue gave a greater ambiance to the overall experience.story. The portrayal of Puck was charming, and I loved how he got himself in trouble all the time, but it was difficult to see the interactions of the humor with the production style. As I listened intently to the now difficult language of Shakespearian theatre, I found that the plot was as well difficult to follow since it did not come across as light-hearted. As I watched the interactions and worked to follow the storyline, I found that this heavy, dramatic production of a play that was intended to not hold such depth weighed the story down so that I could not connect easily to the characters.On an intellectual level, I found that the play was interesting in the commentary is made on the nature of love and the many aspects that help to define the emotion. As the characters interacted with one another, I found that from a practical point of view the nature of jealousy and obsession was clearly shown as having an adverse consequence. The manipulations of the characters revealed the way in which love subverts the ethical standards of an individual. I found that I understood some of my own experiences as they were shown through the eyes of the characters from this play. The philosophy of love was suggested to besomething that can change the very nature of an individual, as seen by the metaphorical transformation of Bottom into a donkey.